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June 30th: Republican traditional national holiday of Tatar and Bashkir peoples “Sabantuy – 2013”

On June 30th, 2013 the Republican national festival of Tatar and Bashkir peoples “Sabantuy” took place at the Park for recreation and leisure n.a. S.M. Kirov.

The name of the Sabantuy holiday takes its origins from Turkic words “saban” which means a plough and “tuy” – festival. All agricultural peoples considered sowing and reaping as the most important periods. Their beginning and successful ending had been celebrated with festivals long since. Sabantuy also signifies awakening of the ground, glorifies work of ploughmen, demonstrates rich and original culture and hospitality of the Tatar people.

Within Sabantuy-2013 festive events sport competitions, running in sacks, tasting of Çäkçäk, and, of course, the principle competition of the holiday – revealing of the strongest man in the Tatar national wrestling “Koresh” were organized. The winner of the “Koresh” competition received living ram and money as prizes.

Official delegations from almost all cities and regions of the Udmurt Republic including leaders and active members of Tatar public associations participated in the festive events.

For the second time a huge delegation from Sobinsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan came to Udmurtia to take part in the Republican Sabantuy. Sobinsky district is a coordinator of the process of Sabantuy organization in the Udmurt Republic. That is why official delegation included not only officials of the districts and activists of public associations, but also amateur creative groups and single artists. They presented a holiday concert for residents of Udmurtia.

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