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Head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin: «Modern methods of cleaning are used in industrial enterprises and it helps to keep ecological environment of Izhevsk in favorable conditions».

On the 10th of March there was held a meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Association of Municipalities «Cities of Ural». Among the participants of the event there were the President of the Association «Cities of Ural» and the Chairman of the Chelyabinsk city Duma Stanislav Mosharov, the Head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin, former Heads of Izhevsk Anatoliy Saltykov and Viktor Balakin, the Chairman of the Izhevsk city Duma Oleg Garin, the Chairman of the Perm city Duma Yuri Utkin and representatives from such cities as Khanty-Mansiysk, Yekaterinburg and Orsk.

The main topic of the meeting was addressing ecological issues at the municipal level due to the announcement of the Year of ecology in Russia in 2017.

The Head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin gave a welcome speech to the guests of the capital of Udmurtia: «The questions of environmental protection are very important for any city and in particular for Izhevsk with its large plants. It is gratifying that the heads of our enterprises take an active part in implementation of modern systems of gas purification and industrial wastewater treatment and it helps to keep ecological environment of Izhevsk in favorable conditions. Moreover, it’s necessary to use so-called «green zones» which the city has today. The program of square improvement in Izhevsk is still being implementing: Cherry Square and the Square of metallurgists have already been improved; the work on the Boulevard of A Voskresensky has just began. Also the work on Gogol Boulevard, in parks, on Lenina Street, Petrova Street, T. Baramzina Street are on the agenda of this year».

More than that, the head of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of the Izhevsk city Administration Nikolay Popov also gave a speech at the meeting. He reported on the activities of the Department and its results.

Citizens of Izhevsk actively participate in annual competitions «Days of environmental protection» and the city project «Izhevsk is a flourishing city» which help to make population more respectful towards environment.

In addition, in the course of the talks the participants discussed the issues of the formation of solid waste disposal system, separate collection of garbage, catching stray animals, the issues of environmental education, reproduction of green spaces, and interaction of local governments with Federal agencies for environmental protection.

In addition to the main question of the meeting the participants of the Association «Ural Cities» adopted the Working Plan for 2017. It’s important to notice that this year marks the 20th anniversary of its creation and the milestone event of 2017 will be represented by the 24th General meeting of the Association «Cities of Ural» and the Russian forum of strategic development of «Cities of Russia 2030: a space for life». These events will be held in Yekaterinburg on the 15th of November 2017.

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