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Izhevsk signed an Agreement with Malopurginsky District

On November 19, the Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev and the Head of the Malopurginsky District Sergey Yurin signed an Agreement on cooperation between two municipalities. The parties agreed to cooperate on the principles of a long-term partnership.

‘We were pleased to accept the offer of our colleagues to hold the Days of the Malopurginsky District in Izhevsk. For the first time in the history of the Udmurt Republic, an Agreement has been signed on cooperation between two municipalities. I am sure that now we will work as a team, interact in the social sphere, within economic and financial matters, and exchange creative teams. I am sure we have something to learn from each other,’ Oleg Bekmemetev said.

Sergei Yurin, in turn, emphasized, ‘The Malopurginsky district, in terms of its location, can be called the gateway to the capital of the Udmurt Republic. Many residents of Izhevsk are natives of the Malopurginsky district. And we need to develop interaction in all areas. I have no doubt that cooperation will be productive and mutually beneficial. The next step is the interaction of the deputy corps of the two municipalities.’

Municipalities committed themselves to create favourable conditions for expanding the agricultural product market, to promote the development of small and medium enterprises, to support socially oriented non-profit organizations, charity activities and volunteerism, and to exchange experience on the implementation of investment and innovation policies.

Under the Agreement, it is planned to conduct events with the participation of art and creative bands, internships for teachers and students of special educational institutions.

Particular attention will be paid to the development of business tourism, cooperation in the field of physical education and sports, in the organization of summer vacations, the employment of adolescents and youth.

The Malopurginsky District is celebrating its festive days ‘Malaya Purga – Great Opportunities’ in Izhevsk from November 19 to December 8. The three-week programme of the project is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the district. It includes various exhibitions, master classes, creative meetings, concerts, a presentation of the cultural, economic, tourist and investment potential of this territory.

The Udmurt Republican Museum of Fine Arts has opened an interactive exposition ‘Purga – the cradle of southern Udmurts’, which displays exhibits from the museum, the Staromoninsky House of Crafts, and the Derem folk clothes studio.

On November 21, the Museum of Fine Arts will host the Udmurt Craft Day ‘Purga Kiyuzh’ with master classes at the Old House of Crafts.

On November 23 and 30, creative meetings with representatives of the community will be held in Izhevsk.

On November 27, it is the Day of the Udmurt dress ‘Purga Darem’, during which the educational programme will be presented by Tatyana Moskvina, the head of the Derem folk clothes studio.

On November 28, it is the Day of the Udmurt language. The organisers invite children and teachers to the House of Friendship of People of the Udmurt Republic, where educational sites and masterclasses will be organised for them. Pupils of the Malopurginsky Children's Art School are preparing an interactive concert programme.

On December 3, the inhabitants of the Malpurginsky Districts are waiting for everyone to present the economic and tourism potential of the region.

On December 8, a concert of creative bands ‘Purga Kyt’ will be held in the Udmurt State Philharmonic on the 90th anniversary of the Malopurginsky District.


The Malopurginsky District was formed on July 15, 1929. It includes 15 rural settlements. The area of the district is 1223.2 sq. km., the population is 33.2 thousand people. The distance from the regional centre Malaya Purga to Izhevsk is 37 km.

In the Malopurginsky District, there were 18 agricultural enterprises and 46 farms created. The oil, chemical and food industries are well developed.

Famous sights: the Museum of antiquity, the Museum of the Soviet era in the Yagan rural House of Culture, Malo-Diveevo Serafimovsky monastery in the village of Norya, the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Buranovo, the Church of Michael the Archangel in the village of Malaya Purga.

Famous bands: a Russian ethnic-pop band‘Buranovo Grannies’ and the female folk ensemble of harmonists ‘Arganchi’ from the village of Bobya-Ucha.

A poetess Lyubov Tikhonova, an editor-in-chief of the children's newspaper ‘Zechbur’ Nadezhda Lopatina, a poet and writer Anatoly Perevozchikov, famous folk writers of the Udmurt Republic Kirill Lomagin and Semyon Samsonov were born in this district. 

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