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Heads of Brest and Izhevsk have signed The Agreement on establishing sister-city relationship

On the 2nd of November the Head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin and the Chairman of the Brest executive council Alexander Rogachuk signed the Agreement on establishing sister-city relationship and cooperation between the City of Brest (Republic of Belarus) and the City of Izhevsk (Russian Federation).

The official delegation of Brest arrived in the capital of the Udmurt Republic on the 1st of November. In the course of this visit the guests got acquainted with the activity of industrial enterprises and business companies of Izhevsk with the aim of maintaining mutually beneficial cooperation and establishing partner relationship. On the 2nd of November the representatives of the Republic of Belarus visited Izhevsk automobile factory and knitting factory «Sakton». On the 3d of November the official delegation went to see the largest steel plant in the Udmurt Republic «Izhstal» and took part in the Round table with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

«We have much to learn from each other, to share experiences», – said the Head of the City of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin. «Brest is the city of high culture, very beautiful and comfortable. Izhevsk and Brest have common history and friendly relations. Now we have to develop cooperation in the sphere of economic collaboration, take as an example Brest experience in the field of municipal improvement, housing and communal services, cooperate with business society. The city is ready to provide comprehensive support for the business community. I’m sure that cultural exchange between the cities will be developing, we will provide exchanges of artistic collectives».

This visit is a continuation of the development of contacts between the cities within the framework of the Protocol of Intentions between Izhevsk and Brest signed in June 2015 to develop mutually beneficial regional cooperation and establish partner relations.

«I am very happy that the Agreement on establishing sister-city relationship is signed. This year showed us the efficiency of our cooperation – turnover from Izhevsk to Brest has increased twice and in one and a half times from Brest to Izhevsk. This means taxes and more workplaces. Izhevsk enterprises deliver food, products of chemical and light industry, » – said the Head of Brest Alexander Rogachuk.

The Minister of Economy of the Udmurt Republic Mikhail Zaitsev stressed that with the support of the Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Solovyov the cooperation between the two republics is developing. Business visits provide a realization of joint commercial projects and extension of business contacts.

The Agreement on establishing sister-city relationship and cooperation between Brest and Izhevsk opens new prospects for interaction between two cities.


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